Wild Hundreds – by Nate Marshall

Amazingly replete with the touch and feel of Chicago. It felt intimate and cozy, and of course it focused on racism and how it's sewn into the fabric of our country. A good read.


No Matter the Wreckage – by Sarah Kay

I loved this collection of poems. Sweet, intricate, honest. Some of my favorite lines: I will Hansel and Gretel you home.  I will love you with too many commas, but never any asterisks.  My parents figured there were some things you just couldn't learn from New York City.  Time goes to Montauk to take a... Continue Reading →


This couldn’t be just a lake. No real water was ever blue like that. A light breeze stirred the pin-cherry tree beside the window, ruffled the feathers of a fat sea gull promenading on the pink rocks below. The breeze was full of evergreen spice. (Dorothy Maywood Bird, Mystery at Laughing Water)


Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. (Henry James)


Country roads, take me home To the place I belong On the way back home to the suburbs of Chicago from St. Louis. I was there for two days on a court appearance in a large federal case. The sunset in the sideview was too soft and pretty not to take with me.

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